I’m ballin on a budget I don’t know about you…

What I love so much about fashion is it defines who you are. There are some days when we want to dress girly and there are others, where we just want to dress like a tomboy. And that is okay, because it honestly depends on your mood. I want to talk to you all about how you can ball on a budget. When thrift shopping you want to get you something that’s different, don’t look for the basic Hollister jeans, or the Abercrombie brand itself. Go around and look for things that are different, like pull overs and sweatshirts that has unique wording on it, or a quote. You can even find cute windbreakers, you can style it to your choice. The cool thing about thrifting is when you find something you like and it’s a good brand, ISSA WIN! Why? Because now you can put an outfit together and technically you are balling on a budget. I want you tell you guys a quick little story. I love my friends, they just know me so well. So, one of them hit me up telling me that she didn’t want this sweatshirt she got from a thrift store. She offered it to me, and of course I took it. People tend to get caught up in society, trying to fit in with what’s trending. They will spend their whole paycheck just to “get what’s new.” I want to tell you guys, it’s okay to ball on a budget. At the end of the day you are slaying, and that’s all that matters. Let’s ball on a budget together, I’m with it.

~Olivia Jae~



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