Let me be your personal stylist!

How do you help a stubborn boy change his style 101? Guys, it’s not that easy, AT ALL. Let me tell you. I’ve never ran across someone that is more stubborn than my brother. But I love him. He actually texted me asking to help him change his style. Not going to lie, I was a bit shocked because he usually doesn’t ask for help when it comes to his style. He likes to pick out his own outfits, which is fine because he is grown. But at the same time his outfits aren’t all that nice. Let me just get to the point. What I did was, I made him go to some of his favorite stores and pick out some stuff he thought was nice. But I told him before he went to the mall, he had to look for things that doesn’t match his style right now. And that’s what he did. The key thing that I wanted him to focus on was to create a budget for each store he went in. What we don’t want him to do is spend all of the money he has.

So creating a budget could do a lot for you. You see, if you go into your favorite stores with a budget you know that each item you pick up you will look at the price to make sure it’s in the budget. And that’s what Josh did, when he went shopping. I don’t want to go on a whole tangent about it. So, long story short, Josh went to some of his favorite stores and got a few things to start off his new style. And overall, I would have to say he picked up some nice fits.

Now, the main reason why I thought I should write about this is because when we come to that stage where we want to change our style up, it’s like we are becoming a new person. I can admit, I’ve changed my style multiple times throughout the years and I just feel like a new person each time I change it up. When we change our style it’s the best feeling, like stated before you feel like a new person.

~Olivia Jae~

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