Being fit and healthy is something that I live by. Growing up, it was normal for young girls to want to be skinny. That was a thing in middle school, and the first few years of high school. Then, for me, I realized that it’s less about wanting to be skinny and more about wanting to be fit. After sophomore year, I stopped cheerleading and running track. After I stopped playing sports I started to notice a change in my body, although it wasn’t a big change I still noticed it.

So, I started to think to myself what could I do stay fit and healthy at the same time. Which made me decide to start working out. I’ve been on this fitness journey for about 4 years now I would say, and I don’t plan on quitting. Now, of course I go through struggles sometimes when I slip up and stop working out and eating right for a few weeks. But then I get myself back focused on what I need to start back doing.

Often times we mistaken eating right for eating all vegetables and fruit, which isn’t the route I go. To make things not so hard for me, I go about my diet in a way where it doesn’t really stress me out. Meaning, if I’m craving some sweets one day I treat myself and get something sweet. But then I also go twice as hard in the gym. It’s all about having a balance in your fitness and health journey.

Being fit to me is more than just trying to lose weight and be skinny, it’s more about toning the body and keeping it toned. So, let’s fight to be fit!

~Olivia Jae~

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