Can I get a Feature?


After doing the feature picture hunt, I started to feel happy, because of my growth and confidence I’m starting to get with taking pictures. It took much out of me to do this assignment, with me getting nervous to approach random people, to me actually talking to them asking if I could take their picture. After taking my first few pictures in the student center, I started to feel more at peace with approaching people and asking them if I could take pictures with them in the frame. I started to gain more confidence as well in my work too and using the camera. After doing this assignment, I learned a lot about feature photography.

I first learned that many people when they see you try to take pictures of them or what they’re doing they tend to fake it and make the picture staged. To them, they didn’t see a harm in doing it, but after informing them that I would like the picture to be organic, they soon decided to continue to do what they were doing before. I also learned to not be so focused on trying to get the perfect picture, especially when you are missing out on getting a nice picture that isn’t forced by the people in the frame. This assignment was a learning experience, I feel as though the more pictures I am taking the more comfortable I get with the camera.

IMG_0484Wayne State University Student Matt George works with the company ToDoolie as an Intern. George wanted to host an advertising table on Wayne State University’s campus to inform more people about the company and what it can do for the students. George states, “Homeowners post jobs, you create your own schedule and we are pushing for more students to join so they are able to make some easy money.” (WSUpj/Jada Johnson) Terrence Wood (left), Areal Sparks (middle), Matt George (right)
I had a wonderful time learning about equal pay at the COSW Equal Pay Day event with Stephanie Chang (State Senator) as the guest speaker! #WSUpj #featurephotography #enterprise #photojournalism @toledophotog

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