Shooting at a Wayne State Tennis Match

The sports event I decided to shoot was tennis. I found this sport quite interesting when I attended their match. I’ve always wanted to play tennis, but I never knew how to play and never had the time to learn. After shooting this sport all my questions that I had before were answered; I never really understood the game and how I would be able to shoot them playing. After getting a few shots in I noticed myself using the techniques that I was taught by my instructor. I learned that in order for me to get ever single move and action shot that I had, I would have to have a faster shutter speed. I didn’t realize that until I took my first few and was kind of stuck because I kept missing cool action shots.

After going into this project thinking that sports photography would be a little tough to shoot, after shooting I noticed that it actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Once I understood that I had to have a faster shutter speed it became easier to shoot. Though it wasn’t tough to shoot I did find it challenging to get each expression that the players were doing after making a point. It was hard because their expressions would come and go, and it was almost as if I had to study them to know when an expression of excitement would come, or an expression of anger would come. Overall, what I enjoyed most about this assignment is that it challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and I was able to apply what I learned to shoot this assignment.


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