Being 80 In Society Like Today

I had an amazing time recording my audio story on my 80- year old grandma. Here in this video you will hear Nellie Romain Hooper talk about what it feels like to be 80-years old and how times are different now from when she was younger. Like I stated before I had an amazing time filming this story, I was able to get to know my grandmother more and learn about how times were different for her. I knew that my grandmother loved her garden, and I found it interesting how she is still 80 years old and working in her garden as if she is still 65 years old. I learned a lot from filming the audio story film; being able to put a film together from scratch was amazing to me because I didn’t realize how hard it is to edit videos until now. With using the skills I learned in my photojournalism class I was able to edit the video without a problem. I hope you enjoy the video and learn something new from it because I did.

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